A snowy weekend

This weekend Abe was home! It was a real treat, especially considering he’s been in Memphis all week and will be traveling for the rest of January. Furthermore, when we woke up on Saturday, this is what we saw:

Huge snowflakes were falling! I should have ventured outside to get a closer pic, but I was too unwilling to get cold and wet…

So we decided to be hermits all day and stay inside. Abe made up a story with Lydia’s binkies called “Lord of the Binkies.” It involved a series of allusions to Occupy Wall Street, The Book of Mormon, Horton Hears a Who, Ron Paul-esque isolationism, and, of course, Lord of the Rings.  Here’s a scene from the elaborate plot:

Lydia kept stealing the binkies from all of her stuffed animals. Since there were many binkies required for the story, this activity kept her entertained for quit a while.

We took a lunch break to eat some Hungarian mushroom soup, recipe courtesy of one of the Moosewood cookbooks:

It was a little rich, but just the warm sensation of soup on a snowy day was lovely.

And then Abe had to leave for work again. Boo! But while he was gone, I made him a cake for his birthday celebration at the Miners’ (Suzanne’s family):

This was a lemon bundt cake from America's Test Kitchen. I think it would have tasted better with a citrus glaze, but I was hoarding my extra lemons for a different project.

Here’s Abe telling Lydia to look at the camera:

Lydia thought Abe was hilarious. The camera? Less so.

And then today we celebrated Sunday by eating a German pancake (and, of course, going to church and all of that good stuff):

My half of the pancake =)

My mom used to make these for me every Saturday and bring them to me in bed. I know, I know. I was spoiled beyond belief by the world’s greatest mom. When I told Abe about what my mom used to do for me, he said, ” Well, I don’t know how to make German pancakes, but if you want to make them, you can go back to bed and I’ll bring them to you.” Ummm….we ended up just eating them at the table instead. =)




A summation of January thus far


To start off, a couple pictures of Lydia–because she’s cute, and I can’t help it!

Squeaky clean

Pajamas and a bow. Yes, this is an outfit option for the 10 month olds among us.

Playing with the trash–Lydia’s favorite!

One of Abe’s best friends got married last weekend, and Dan, Preethi, and their son, Nat, flew in for the wedding. Afterward, Lydia and Nat had a fun play date. Nat showed Lydia how to take block towers down carefully (one block at a time), and Lydia showed Nat how to knock them down in one fell swoop.

Lydia with Dan, her future father-in-law.

Nat, our future son-in-law. This is his GQ pose.

Dan, Preethi, Nat and Lyida. We had so much fun!

The next day I made this eggplant and chard lasagna for our family dinner with Tom, Suzanne, and David. I used Deborah Madison’s recipe from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, but I can’t put a link here because I haven’t figured out how to do that in this new blog. I know it is probably insanely easy to figure out, but it’s 4 am right now…and that’s my excuse. I took a picture of the lasagna because I didn’t think I’d make it again–not because it wasn’t tasty, but because slicing, salting, blotting, roasting, and turning the eggplant slices (of which there were MANY) just took it out of me. But my mom begged for eggplant parmesan this Sunday, so I found myself up to my ears in eggplant again–a mere one week after swearing it off.

And we have new floors! We left for Idaho on Monday when the floors looked like this:

And then we came back on Friday to floors that look like this:

Lydia looooooves the new floors.

Nana and Lydia try out the floors. Turns out, they’re great for crawling!

Last night Lydia and Suzanne played for an hour on the floors. After all the twirling, sliding, dancing, walking and bum-scooting with her grams, Lydia was worn out! She went right to sleep. Of course, she woke up again at 1 am. After I went to her, I wasn’t able to go back to sleep–and I’ve been up ever since. Oh, the joy.