Soup Group

Last Saturday we hosted our first soup group! I heard about soup groups in this NPR bit: It was so exciting to think that our little microfund could make a difference, and I was so thankful to every person who came.

I didn't know if anyone would actually come, but I was hoping!

I set out all of the folding chairs in the house--and we filled every one!

Our soup group! In the foreground, Abe and Cierra (his home teachee/my visiting teacher) are WINNING the what-friends-do-we-have-in-common game. If you are LDS, you have played (and probably won!) this game before.

My friend Jean needed help raising funds to buy sets of high-interest books for her class, and so she provided our first cause. If you would like to learn more about/donate to her (very worthy!) cause, you may do so here:

Lydia crawls around soup group, adorned by her unicorn-ish spray of hair.

Later that day, Abe decided to have fun dressing Lydia up:

She appears to enjoy his clothing selection.