We are a house of sickness this weekend. But you wouldn’t know it from the three fairs/festivals we attended! On Thursday, our dear friends Ben and Candace and their daughter, Cadence, came down from Boise. So the next morning we decided to go the state fair.

Lydia solemnly showing me her balloon “doggie” and the free pink purse a random vendor gave her for being cute.

We loved the diving show! When we go to the pool, Lydia always loves watching people dive off the diving board, and so watching these fun high dives (with the accompanying splashes!) was super exciting for her.

Since Abe had to work on Friday (boo!), on Saturday morning we went to the Avenues Street Festival. Since Ben and Candace went to a wedding, we took their baby with us. Between Lydia in the stroller, Cadence in the baby carrier, and my big belly, we were a sight. The casual observer must have concluded that Abe and I had no concept of spacing (which is partially true even without the extra baby)!

Lydia looks perplexed at the opportunity to select a free toy from the library lady.

And then after Lydia’s nap, she was ready to go again, so we took her to the Greek festival to get her in touch with her Greek heritage. She loved the Greek dancing, although you wouldn’t know it from this picture. Only when I put my camera away did she start stomping her feet and clapping to the music.

I lost my camera’s memory chip for a couple weeks, and then I simultaneously lost my oomph for blogging, so these next pictures are practically a month old.

We had a “baby Olympics” a couple Saturdays ago with some church friends. Lydia was the youngest participant, so she needed a little help from Abe.

Long jump–wheeee!

With a medal around her neck and the broken race tape around her waist, Lydia hoards the balls. She is slightly obsessed with balls, and she got extremely distressed when she was not in possession of all the balls in sight.

And about two or three weeks ago, Abe and I took Lydia to a petting zoo with pony rides with the express intent of giving Lydia a pony ride, but she refused to sit on the pony. So we just looked at the animals instead.


On a different Saturday, we watched the daughters of one of my dear friends. Here’s a fun picture of Lydia, Abe, and Selah playing in the sprinklers on our front lawn. They were all so cute together!

And finally, we had a ward picnic a little while ago. Abe and Lydia hung out at the playground after they ate, and I found them in this position. I took this picture to remind Abe that Lydia is definitely his child, even though he occasionally claims he can’t see himself at all in her. Look at those pairs of matching long legs!