Playing puppy

This morning in our devotional Mary prayed to climb on the climbing wall at Qualtrics. I took the kids over to Qualtrics at the end of the day so her prayer could be answered. On the way there Mary fell asleep. Abe reported that she climbed the wall for approximately two seconds.

This evening the girls pretended that Lydia was Mary’s puppy. I remember playing that game with my little brother. I would tie a rope around him and lead him around the house calling him, “Fluffy.” It was fun to see them re-enact that game (minus the rope).

img_4075We had a looooooooong FHE about family preparedness. I am sick and have not been much help with anything. I am dying to get back to my book, North and South. I am six books behind in my Goodreads goal. This fall weather plus illness is great for catch-up.

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