Mary anecdote and Ammon video

Yesterday I forgot to write a funny Mary episode. She was on her way to the potty when she spotted our giant bowl of Trick or Treat candy. Our neighbors counted¬†nine hundred trick or treaters last year, so this is a big bowl. Her eyes grew wide and she stopped dead in her tracks. Abe’s back was turned, and so he didn’t know what she was looking at while the following conversation ensued:

Mary: Daddy, what’s that?

Abe: Mary, just go to the potty and we’ll talk about it afterward.

Mary: But Daddy, this is really important.¬†What’s that?

Abe: Mary, don’t have an accident. Run to the potty and I’ll talk to you after.

Mary: But Daddy, I have something REALLY IMPORTANT to tell you!!!! [She meant “ask.”]¬†WHAT’S THAT???

Abe turned around and saw Mary pointing vigorously to the Halloween candy. He burst out laughing. Oh, the things that are “really important” to a four year old!

We also were amused by this video Abe took of Ammon at church. Sacrament is impossible with him, so Ammon now walks the halls with Abe during that time.

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