William Wilberfoce, my hero.

In case I’m too tired after book club to blog…

Today I’ve spent most of the day madly reading about William Wilberforce. I am hosting book club, and so I made sure to finish the book that I picked out. Phew. Except–so much more than phew. I am now in absolute awe at the example of Christian discipleship that was William Wilberforce.

In terms of a mere mortal following the Master, I doubt he has had many equals. He did it all! He was a relentless, faith-filled, inspired, clear-eyed champion of abolition. He almost singlehandedly reformed the brutal, godless cultural norms of 18th century England. He championed the rights of the laborer, the rights of women, the rights of children. He loved and championed the rights of animals. He was one of the greatest orators in the golden age of oratory. He was a most devoted husband, and he fathered six children–and retired from public office to spend more time with his children (unheard of in his day).

He achieved the impossible. He brought about the abolition of slavery!!!!!!

He was also so charming, witty, cheerful that he determined–and succeeded!!!–at making Christianity “fashionable” again. He was the ultimate evangelist, and made lists of topics that he could broach with each of his individual friends to bring them closer to Christ. He was not a secular deist or a Christian in name only. He was a converted Christian, a servant of Christ. He loved Jesus. And he did all this while suffering immense physical pain his entire life long. His frail form housed his titan spirit.

While I read, Ammon toddled around his room playing quietly. The girls wreaked havoc on the house. I will pay for this in my pre-book-club clean-up, but for now, I am okay with it.

Here’s what I found when I ventured downstairs during Ammon’s nap:

I had neglected to attend to their lunch. No matter! They fixed it themselves. :)

I had neglected to attend to their lunch. No matter! They fixed it themselves. 🙂

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