Weekend post

Abe is basically having a break down from fourth quarter stress. He is contributing an amazing amount of work and energy toward our family this weekend in spite of the fact that he is coming apart at the hinges. We’re so grateful for how hard he works and are praying things let up soon so that he can start feeling better.

On Friday we took the kids to the new Orem playground. They loved it. Abe really loved it too. My favorite was when he was begging the girls to try some of the new slides because he wanted an excuse to try them himself.

img_0901 img_0896

On Saturday we picked up our turkey in Salt Lake and then walked around Temple Square. We spent a lot of time in the basement of the North Visitor’s Center. I saw a sister from my mission, but I couldn’t remember her name!! Isn’t that crazy? It’s been over ten years since I left on my mission. Wow.

img_0917 img_0913 img_0908 img_0905

Today I taught a lesson on teaching the gospel. It was surprisingly enjoyable.

This afternoon Abe read to Ammon. We caught the excitement on video.

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