2 fork 2 am

It’s past 2am, so:

Today we had a great play date with Misty, Sophia and Max.

IMG_4572 IMG_4582 IMG_4586 IMG_4593 IMG_4602IMG_4604Then I menu planned and cleaned while the girls napped.

Then I shopped for food and party stuff.

Then I came home and cooked and cleaned until now. I don’t have a pastry blender and would have killed for one about twenty minutes ago, when I was frantically two-forking the butter into the flour for the slab pie. Turns out slab pies have more crust, so the darn recipe wouldn’t fit inside my food processor like a good normal pie crust. Hence the two forks and my current incoherent state.

But I am excited for Mary’s birthday party, and I am also excited that from here on out our non-family birthday parties will be MUCH smaller. Marilyn taught me this before Lydia’s 2nd birthday (she had 7 kids): Kids get as many guests as their age. So Lydia got 2 for her 2nd birthday and so on. The only exception for us is birthday number one, which seems to be trending in as a larger affair. Full report tomorrow–which, coincidentally, is also our ward’s trunk-or-treat (and the day I pick up our turkey from a local turkey source). What a big day!!!!! I better get a full five hours sleep so I can wake up and do all the stuff I didn’t do tonight!

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