Mendocino to San Fran to San Jose

On Thursday morning we ordered a delicious breakfast from the inn that included bruleéd chia pudding and an egg scramble with local veggies. The bruleéd chia puddinge was my favorite. Ammon ate an enormous quantity of eggs, and that shocked all of us. Normally it is very difficult to feed him.

Then we drove to San Francisco. On the way, Ammon started moaning a lot, and then all of the sudden, he threw up his enormous breakfast. We pulled off to the side of the road. I was in despair at the mess, but the first thing Abe did was holler that we had pulled off next to a stream!!! I did not know at first why this was a good thing. Abe quickly enlightened me. The stream enabled us to clean off Ammon and his clothes. If we hadn’t had a stream, we would probably have thrown everything away (except Ammon, of course).

After that eventful stop, we headed the rest of the way to San Fransisco.

Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco.

Lydia is obsessed with everything China, so we made our first and longest stop in San Francisco Chinatown.

We visited a fortune cookie factory.

The inside of the fortune cookie factory.

I ordered way too much food for dinner. Fish heads, tofu, Singapore noodles, soup…I felt really bad at all of the waste afterward and vowed to make smarter ordering choices in the future.

The girls each picked out a treat from a Chinese grocery store.

After Chinatown, we went down to Fisherman’s Wharf. Even though we were there two years ago, Mary had forgotten everything. Lydia remembered stuff, though! She remembered the sea lions, and I think the carousel was familiar to her too.


Looking at sea lions.

Mary’s current personality really shines through in some of these pictures!

Mary is left handed, so we took pictures of her in the store.

There is a magic store on the wharf. The girls were mesmerized.

After we finished up at the wharf, we drove to San Jose to spend the night at our friends, the Harbuck’s, beautiful house. Jere joined up with us there. After a late night visit, they invited us to try some of their homemade ice cream. It was honestly the best ice cream I have ever had. It was so delicious. We were so happy to have a chance to visit with these sweet friends.

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