post-illness Saturday

Yesterday I either had the flu or some sort of food poisoning. I also had to take the glucose test in the morning, and on top of the constant sharp pain whenever I walk, all of those things combined to put me down for the entire day. My mom basically did everything, and Abe did stuff too when he came home.

Doing nothing in bed while others work for you is not a great way to build self-esteem. Even though I knew I literally could not do more, I felt so bad. So today, when I woke up with whatever the bug/flu/poisoning I had yesterday gone, I tried to make up for yesterday’s insane amount of inactivity.

First I helped clean the kitchen. Abe made an amazing breakfast for the kids, and I puttered around cleaning up.

Then I “helped” Lydia with her harp practice. Basically, I was no help at all and instead just made her cry. I retreated to the bathroom with a copy of Suzuki notes and resolved to up my positive language game next time.

Then I did four loads of laundry and changed our bedsheets. (The laundry was an all-day, ongoing project.)

Then I cleaned Ammon’s room.

Then I sorted out all of the girls’ winter clothes into storage so that they don’t have to dig through those piles of useless things when trying to find their summer clothes.

While sorting clothes, I directed and re-directed the girls to their cleaning chores. They were supposed to clean ALL of their messes and make their beds before playing outside today. It took…hours.

Then I ate lunch.

Then I cleaned a bathroom.

Then I collapsed crying from pain in bed, and Abe gave me a long massage and a pep talk.

Then Abe and my mom took the kids to the Orem Summerfest carnival, and I stayed home and caught up on the blog for HOURS.

Here’s a picture he sent me from the carnival:

I anticipate more pictures coming soon, but my eyes are burning from blogging so much, so I am just going to  shut my computer, read my book, The Big Rock Candy Mountain, and add those later.


Lydia is obviously trying to keep Ammon safe here. She is a very conscientious child.

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