June Sunday

I went to Sacrament meeting today, and afterward Abe and I took Ammon straight home. He has been sick for several days and we did not want to expose the other nursery kids to his germs. After putting Ammon down, Abe left and went back to church. I stayed home and prayed, read scriptures, and napped.

Abe did not have any afternoon meetings! One of my favorite parts of the day was resting while he journaled and prayed next to the bed. The air was so pleasant, the sun was shining in, and even though you can’t see it in the photo, Mt. Timpanogas looked so stunning through the window.

The girls spent the whole afternoon playing outside. After Abe’s delicious veggie burger dinner, they spent the evening playing dolls with the neighbors. The neighbors always make sure to clean the doll closets before playing so that they can actually enjoy playing dolls. We are grateful for this good habit of theirs.

I am reading Rough Stone Rolling. I started years ago and stopped 400 pages in or so. I re-started in the 300’s because I have forgotten almost everything. Back to my book!

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