Ammon’s new hoop

The highlight of today was family home evening. Abe has been dreaming of getting Ammon a mini-basketball hoop for a loong time, and he finally found a good excuse. He taught a lesson on the joy of making others happy, and then we all piled in the car and picked out a hoop for Ammon. When he explained the lesson plan to me, I was expecting Abe to say that we would all go get a toy for the homeless shelter or volunteer at a food pantry, but he cheerfully proposed that fulfilling his own daydream would be a perfect way to teach the girls the joy of making others happy. 🙂

After we went to pick out Ammon’s hoop, we swung by IHOP for dinner.

As I type, Abe has the girls on his lap and they are all watching Ammon run around manically throwing ball after ball in the hoop. He is literally panting with joyful excitement. The girls are grinning too, so I think Abe was right. They are finding joy in their little brother’s happiness.

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