chair contest

This morning I took Ammon on some errands with me.

I took him to refill some olive oil containers we have and then to the store. I initially felt bad for not taking him somewhere specifically for kids, but he thought the grocery store was the best. We got a cart with a kiddie car on front, and then on top of that he got a free cookie from the store. He kept standing up, leaning out of the front window, and twisting himself around to flash me giant grins. He had a great time.

After we picked up the girls from summer camp and dropped off Lydia at robotics, I put Ammon down for a nap and finished my book.

In the evening, Abe and I sat outside with the kids for dinner and a couple hours beyond that. Some of the neighbor kids joined us for dinner, and after they wanted to have a contest decorating our chairs. Abe napped on the grass until they called for us to judge their creations.

The kids said that Abe had to take pictures of both their chairs and of one of them sitting in their chairs so that he could make a fair decision. He awarded Lydia and Liberty “the most flowery” chair award.

Anabelle and Mary were awarded “the most creative” chair award.

I actually thought Anabelle and Mary made the chair look beautiful.

Afterward all of the kids worked hard to clean up their mess. They did a great job and we were so proud of them.

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