Summer Wednesday

This morning the girls’ music practice took two and a half hours, and so we ended up skipping summer camp. That was actually a really great thing for me because it meant a lot less walking and carrying Ammon around, and this is the first night in a while that I don’t feel pain. Yay!

We had a pretty typical day otherwise.

Reading to Mary while Ammon napped and Lydia was at robotics camp.

The kids played outside all afternoon, as usual. They are really into making “beds” out of leaves, flowers, pinecones, and rocks lately.

Crowding around a baby rolly polly


Ammon eating outside. It is a JOY not to have to clean the floor (even if I do sweep the basketball court afterward) for at least one meal a day.

Abe is writing a fantasy novel and told the girls a new chapter tonight. This is my favorite picture of the day.

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