Breakfast in bed

On Friday Ammon slept in until 10am, so I stayed in bed registering for and planning out the kids’ fall activities. While I was typing away, the girls surprised me with breakfast in bed!

After I ate my delicious breakfast of yogurt, granola, raisins, ice water, burnt toast and broken graham crackers, we got everyone ready and headed to Lydia’s group harp class.

Ammon, Mary and I went to Target for diapers while she was at her lesson. We found an exciting kid cart. Ammon had to move to the regular toddler seat after one minute because he kept trying to jump out of the seat.

Abe and I went on a date in the evening. First we went to the library. Since I am sort of on bedrest, I checked out a stack. Abe explored the stacks while I hunted down my call numbers. He learned a lot about Buddha in his exploration.

Then we went out for Thai food, and after that we finished at Barnes and Nobles. I picked out a birthday cookbook and Abe picked out his anniversary and Father’s Day gifts.

It was a great start to the weekend.

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