Second to last day of the quarter

Abe hired a slew of young women from the ward to help out while I attempt bed rest. I think the rest is helping, although the only difference the babysitter made in the morning was that I didn’t have to jump up and down chasing Ammon during the girls’ music practice.

By the time we were done with practice, it was time for lunch. I grilled sandwiches for everyone before retreating to bed for the rest of the day. The afternoon was noticeably more restful than normal. I am so grateful to Abe for being so compassionate in the middle of his own stress and scheduling out these sitters.

Abe came home feeling tired but more confident that his deal will go through by Friday. Most of his deal won’t bill until January, but what will bill (if it bills) will really help get him closer to his quota. Hitting his quota might happen if some last minute deals go through for one of his team members. For Abe’s sake, I keep praying it all works out. He works so hard on all fronts, and I just want him to feel successful and happy.

When Abe came home, I wasn’t feeling like I should eat anything since I have barely moved at all today and probably eaten more than I needed to throughout the day. But Abe came to the bed bearing a beautiful platter of grilled veggie and chicken burgers with toppings. He is so sweet, and so I joined everyone for dinner and enjoyed it thoroughly.

When Abe tried to nap on the grass afterward, the kids decided he was a horse. This happened:

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