hospital trip and quarter miss

On Friday morning the cleaning crew came, so I got the kids out of their hair and took them to the library for a quick stockpile before the babysitter arrived.

Then we came home and did piano and harp practice. Right when I was about to call Lydia for harp practice, I slipped on the rug because the floors were wet. My legs flew open and I about screamed t from pain. The only thing that stopped me was the poor cleaning lady was looking on in horror, and she felt like it was her fault. I tried to explain to her how it was entirely MY fault for being so stupid and jumping from rug to rug (I was trying to avoid walking on the wet floor), but we had a little language barrier and I think she left feeling bad. I wish, wish, wish I spoke Spanish. After panting on the couch through Lydia’s practice, I retired to bed for hours hoping the pain would ease.

Finally I called the doctor, and they instructed me to go into labor and delivery to make sure my water had not broken. My mom drove me there and, hooray, my water was intact! But after that slip, I really and truly can no longer drive or walk more than a couple minutes at a time. Thank goodness for the babysitters.

This is such an egocentric, self-indulgent blog post. Friday also marked the end of the quarter, and Abe’s deal postponed until the next week, meaning his team not only missed, but missed by a looooooong shot. It was a very stressful day for him too. We went to bed that night exchanging comments of consolation for each other, but truth be told, we were both pretty absorbed in our own troubles. Abe had work eating away at his mind, and I was terrified I would never regain full mobility. Good thing Saturday came and proved to be a wonderful turnaround for both of us.

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