Super lengthy post about a fantastic Saturday

Saturday was a wonderful day! The upside to my fall is that, in terms of bed rest, “my guilt is swept away.” I had problems before because I felt like if I technically could walk, even with pain, I should be walking and doing everything that I possibly could to be independent.

With the fall, I am no longer physically capable of much, so I have enthusiastically retired to my bed and comfy chair by the window. I have finished five books, taught myself to crochet, planned out the week, and have generally enjoyed resting, praying, thinking, and looking out my window at the incredible view.

Abe had a fantastic Saturday too! He took the kids out for breakfast and then to Jo-Ann’s to get fabric and material for all of the projects I’ve planned this week. I can sit, so the girls and I are going to spend a lot of time embroidering, sewing, and crocheting. (I also intend to knit, but since I only have one pair of knitting needles, that will have to be a solo activity.) I also figure we can spend a whole lot of time reading. We have been so busy that I haven’t read with or to the kids nearly as much as I would like, and bed rest is proving to be such a marvelous opportunity to catch up on that too.

Ack, look at me! I intended to write about Abe’s Saturday and then went on about me. Ick. Basically, Abe had a wonderful Saturday and felt really happy all day long. The stress of last quarter dissipated and he feels very optimistic about the new quarter.

He also had a fun interaction with the girls. They were misbehaving so Abe took away their dessert privileges. The girls then ran inside to compose and choreograph a song to change his mind. Minutes later they ran back to Abe singing and dancing about what a wonderful, fun, strong, funny, awesome dad he is. It worked! He gave in and they were allowed to eat dessert.

My mom had a good Saturday too. She checked out a local festival with one of her visiting teachees, and now she knows all about what to do with Abe and the girls on the 4th of July.

At the end of the day, Abe and I went to Lucas and Kim’s house for a Poldark date. I spent the whole day in bed saving up so I could manage to get myself to the car for our date. I almost cancelled, but we plan these things months in advance, and all I had to do during the evening was sit on their comfy couch. All of us HATED the episode we watched. Ross cheats on Demelza!!! I think Lucas wants to watch something else entirely next time, but Abe is still intrigued by the Poldark plot. I think the series has seriously degenerated, but I enjoy Lucas and Kim, so I’ll watch whatever.


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