The girls make a snack

Today I stayed home from church and had an incredibly peaceful morning. I read scriptures, prayed, read my Ensign, crocheted, wrote some overdue cards, and looked out of my window a lot.

Before all of that, I had a great time doing the girls’ nails and hair. I don’t know why I haven’t picked a day to do their nails every week. It saves on the pre-lesson scramble to find nail clippers and cut them short, and I generally enjoy grooming my children. (They hate it when I do their hair, but I have always, always wanted to be better at doing hair, so I enjoy the practice.)

It was fast Sunday, so the day was a little harder on Abe. He and my mom were fasting, and they had to make up for everything I couldn’t do. They fed the girls, cleaned up after the girls, changed all of Ammon’s diapers, and generally did everything that needs doing. I felt so sorry for them! I did help cut up vegetables for our curry dinner, but in light of everything else they had to do, my contribution barely deserves that term.

On the cute side, the girls decided during nap time to bring up snacks for me. They were so cute about what they brought up: A torn piece of red pepper, broken graham crackers, a smattering of dry cereal, a Hershey kiss, a miniature marshmallow, a cup of ice, and a party-favor container of pink play dough.

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