Play date with Pippa and Betsy

This morning my mom drove Lydia and me to Lydia’s harp lesson. I knew it was my only outing for the day, so I snapped a picture:

Thanks to our babysitter, Sophie, I spent the rest of the day in my chair by the window. The girls had a play date with Pippa in the afternoon, and Betsy came and sat visiting with me for a truly lovely hour. I just love her and I also love that I don’t feel any panic after visiting with her. She is just so easy going, funny, authentic (like one thousand percent authentic), and engaging. I am looking forward to our next play date, whenever that happens.

She also brought me homemade pizzelles! They were so yummy.

Abe had a great day at work, and my mom was, as usual, so helpful with everything. It’s her birthday tomorrow!!!

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