Liem and Phuong visit

On Friday morning my mom dropped me off near the nail store at the mall, and the babysitter took the kids to the mall play place while my mom and I got matching pedicures. I can’t reach my toes, and since I sit here staring at them all day, I really enjoyed getting them done.

In the evening Liem and Phuong came to stay with us for a night. We had a great time visiting, and they brought us beautiful flowers they had picked in the Tetons earlier that morning. I stole some pictures of their hike from Phuong’s phone to post on the blog.

These are the gorgeous flowers they picked and brought us!

Lydia and I loved scrolling through their pictures and looking at all of the shots with Liem in his bear head.

We also enjoyed this picture of the moose next to their tent.

Also, Friday was my dear brother’s birthday!!! I can’t believe he’s thirty-two. And next week they find out the gender of their baby…I can’t wait!!

I also have pictures from earlier in the week that I am going to put here because I forget which days they match.

The girls on my bed while I read to them. We are reading Island of the Blue Dolphins.

Ammon being cute.

Ammon during scriptures and prayer before bed. He had been holding up his arms because Abe demonstrated how the prophet Abinidi “stretched forth his hand,” and Ammon imitated Abe. I caught the picture just as Ammon’s arms were coming down.

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