Saturday breakfast and hike

This morning we got to spend with Liem and Phuong before they had to go to the airport to catch their flight. Abe made his signature Saturday breakfast: waffles, mixed berry compote, and veggie omelettes.

The wildflowers from Liem and Phuong! Currently i am looking at them on top of my dresser as I type. They are so pretty.

Before Liem and Phuong left, they gifted us their bear spray, which thankfully they did not have to use. Abe immediately had use for it! Not for a bear, of course, but to take hiking with the kids in case they ran into a bear, or mountain lion, or whatever. This bear spray must have good vibes, because Abe didn’t have to use it either.

Lydia packed for the hike as if they were going on a road trip.

Abe was really happy to hike, in spite of the fact that he was up until 2am last night working.

Then Abe came home, fed the kids, put Ammon down for a nap (which he refused to take) and took a nap himself. The girls spent the afternoon playing outside with the neighbors.

As I blog, they are all out on errands. And I will get back to the glorious tasks for bedrest: reading, crocheting, and looking up YouTube tutorials.

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