Low-key Sunday

Well, Alison (of Mormonmomma) got back to me today, and so I got the opportunity to revise my post so I feel slightly less hypocritical when she publishes it. Phew.

Other than that, today was a low-key day. Church was awesome, and every single talk in Sacrament meeting had me riveted. If every Sacrament meeting were like today’s, it would be my favorite hour of our three hour block. As Abe and I were discussing the talks on our way home, our neighbor waved to us. We rolled down the windows to chat, and he asked us what we learned in church. It felt great to spread the great messages we heard on gratitude and availing ourselves of Christ’s power in our lives.

Then we came home, ate lunch, napped, and bid Abe good-bye. I hate it when he leaves. After he’s gone, I’m okay, but the actual part where he leaves is no fun. I considered going on this trip with him, but that’s not possible because this is Thanksgiving week, and my mom is flying in tomorrow! Also, Clark and Swathi are coming on Wednesday, and I have friend plans on Tuesday. But for a minute, I hated the thought of Abe leaving so much that I almost forgot all that and considered packing us all into the car with him…

After he left, I lay in bed trying to figure out when I will get the time to make the ornaments I want to decorate this year’s tree with. Last year, Martha Stewart had a how-to for beautiful felt ornaments with a woodland theme. At the time, I couldn’t fit making those into my holiday schedule or budget, but I am determined to do it this year. The current game plan is to order all the felt, roving, and materials tomorrow and then squeeze the ornament-making in as soon as the stuff arrives. In my view, the point of being a stay-at-home mom is being able to find time for stuff like making my own child-friendly Christmas ornaments, so by golly, I WILL make it happen this year! (Last year, we decorated with some pretty “To and From” tags my mom picked up at the bookstore. I thought the tree looked beautiful, but I don’t think those tags will be in quite the same shape this year…)

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