I just typed the entire post and had a computer issue that whiped all of it clean.  Doh!  I’ll try to crank this out again.

Lily is at cooking school, not because she feels good enough for it, but because her final is tomorrow and she wants to finish strong down the home-stretch.  I feel so bad for all the time she has been sick.  It seems she has been just a day or two behind me in the sickness and its symptoms.  I started feeling better today, so my hope is that she will start feeling better by the weekend.

Work is going really well.  I found out yesterday that I will be on the South East Sales Team 1 (there are two teams).  I will start April 1 officially as a Sales Representative.  It also means I will have to start waking up earlier so I can be making calls in Provo by 8:30 AM ET.  Yikes!

Lily is playing piano again!  She stopped for a bit after slicing her finger, but she is back practicing and I am very happy for two reasons: 1 because I genuinely love hearing her play and 2: because her competition is in TWO MONTHS.  The good news is that she decided to not play in her second round (even if she advances) so that she wont miss any of her family reunion.  This means that she only needs practice two pieces instead of four.  I think that was a great move on her part.

I don’t think either of us took pictures today, but I will end by telling of a phase that Lydia is going through.  She is story-telling.  She tried to tell me a story over the phone at work, but I was short on time and it was hard to hear on the phone what she was saying.  Lily told her that she could tell me stories when I got home, and that she most certainly did.  When I got home and was eating with the girls, Lydia asked if she could tell me a story.  I agreed and she proceeded to tell me no fewer than FIVE stories.  All of them were a variation of this story-line, “There was a boy who wanted to go up high, so he climbed a bookshelf and then fell off and died.  Then his mom was sad so she died too.  Then a bunch of people came over [I presume for the funeral?] and they died too.  Then a bad man tried to break through the door.”  After the fifths story like this, I intervined (I don’t know why I waited so long!).  “Lydia,” I said, “those stories are all so sad.  Do you have any happy stories?”  She did!  She then told me a story about her stuffed cat “Puss” that involved giggles, laughing, singing and maybe even some cake and sprinkles.  Unfortunately I wasn’t quite as keyed into the happy story as I was to the sad ones…….maybe that’s human nature?  During her bath later that night, I was on the phone with Jere and I asked Lydia to tell Jere a story.  At that point, Lydia announced that she only tells stories at the kitchen table.  Well, I’m glad we go that straightened out.  She even has rules surrounding her story-telling!  I love her.


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