A truly special day

Today was truly special in the Darais household.

First of all, our friends, Ben and Candice, are staying with us for a few nights and we absolutely love seeing them whenever we can.

Secondly, Lily got to see her idol, Martha Stewart, speak at a blogging convention and have the best buffet of her life. Candice planned to see Martha Stewart and had bought a ticket, but when Lily tried to buy a ticket, it was sold out.  Since what I do for a living is track down important people and get things from them, I thought I would try to intervene.  I eventually tracked someone important down who was super sweet and said they still had a few tickets.  Lily got to go and had an AMAZING TIME.  The buffet at the Grand America was the best she has ever had, and Martha Stewart was outstanding as always.  Martha gave tips about when she uses butter, lard and vinegar for different pie crusts.

Also, Lily got her present today from my parents which was a pressure cooker.  I hear she was very excited about that.  (She just got home and I haven’t had a chance to ask).

After work, I drove to meet my Lily, my dad and Suzanne, my cousins Isabella and Henry, and my girls.  We were all going to go to the new aquarium while Lily was at school.  Unfortunately the aquarium closed at six (oops!), but we all went to Wendy’s and then went to Thanksgiving point for the petting zoo.  Everyone had a great time!  Highlights were: The turkey that puffed itself bigger than I’ve ever seen a turkey go in order to impress a female. Lydia rode on a pony for one minute and then decided she was done and tried to jump off (I caught her fortunately). Baby goats (only two weeks old), butting heads with each other to play and playing king of the rock.  It was all very fun and the weather was perfect.



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