cleaning and sitting

We have recently recovered from a bug infestation. I have no idea what kind of bugs they were, but they were littler than ants, easily squished, and everywhere! Every time I saw one, my skin crawled. But I tried to stay positive. Right before killing one I thanked it for not being a mouse. I really, really, really, reeeaaallly HATE mice. (As in, when my Boston apartment had mice, I set up a tent on my bed and lived in that. It was better than risking being run over by a mouse in my sleep!!) But the bugs inspired us to clean, clean, clean. We discovered they probably came from the flour and spice cabinet, so we completely overhauled those:

And now they look like this!

I like to stare at my bug free, organized cabinets in my free time. Lydia seems to like it too!

We have been on a massive de-clutter and organize ourselves kick, and so we got rid of a bunch of books and reduced down to one bookshelf. We have so much more space! Lydia loves staring at our remaining ROYGBIV (remember your rainbow order?) bookshelf:

And last night Lydia decided she wanted to be a big girl and sit at the table. She was really sad until she got to try out her new seat:

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