Cemetery walk

Ever since Abe got home from his trip yesterday, life has been great. I didn’t expect him until yesterday evening, but he got up at 4am and surprised me by showing up at 11am. It was sooooooo nice! I know this sounds morbid, but we walked to the city cemetery (just a couple blocks away) and found the spots his dad and stepmom bought a while back. They got eight spots together in this amazing part of the cemetery close to some of the prophets and really close to Porter Rockwell (Joseph Smith’s body guard).

I love spending time in cemeteries, and it felt so peaceful to visit such a nice spot with Abe, Lydia, and his dad. We also got a nice laugh out of one of the graves on our way back. Some guy thinks he is Hyrum Smith reincarnated, and so he bought himself a grave near the Hyrum Smith monument. For his full story, the tombstone refers you to his website! I probably shouldn’t laugh because I am sure this person feels sure that he is actually Hyrum Smith, and his paradigm deserves respect…but I wasn’t good enough to suppress my laughter when I read his tombstone.

And then today we drove up to Park City to watch the movie Forks Over Knives. It was awesome. Here’s a link to the trailer:http://www.forksoverknives.com/ Of course, I am biased because I read The China Study and came away totally convinced that we need to be eating plant based diets. The movie is basically The China Study in cinematic form, but it was still motivating.

Lydia was a star during the movie. Normally I don’t let her watch any type of TV or film, but I thought that this could be an exception. She was totally taken with the movie and stared mesmerized until she got excited and started vocalizing back to the people on the screen. At that point, I took her out of the theater, but she was in a really happy mood for the whole hour and a half. I didn’t need to do anything except walk around with her, and she just looked at everything around her. She is totally enthralled by life. I love my sweet baby.

Yay! Abe is home! He was out for a late night inspection, so I started blogging to pass the time. And now the time is successfully passed!

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