rewards and a question for you moms

So I am starting a weight loss program, inspired by a friend’s program she blogged about recently. I am soooooooooo tired of my mommy belly! And I want to get pregnant again. I know, I know…I spent nine months whining about how much I hated being pregnant, and I really don’t enjoy pregnancy. But I do want to have other babies in my lifetime, and so I’m willing to undergo the accompanying yuck that precedes the baby. Lydia needs siblings. But the only problem is that I am still carrying way too much extra weight, and I don’t think that would be a healthy starting point for pregnancy, so here I go!

1) No sugary treats. Period. (Aggghhhh!! This is SO hard for me, but I think it will be worth it…please tell me it will be worth it!!)
2) Exercise minimum five days a week. Make a weekly exercise program and follow that.
3) Eat only three meals and one snack a day.

Goals: Get down to 155 lbs by the end of September and, if I don’t get pregnant before, get down to 135 lbs by December.

Abe and I came up with a google doc that tracks my points for adhering to these goalsrewards program yesterday, but I already want to revise it. I couldn’t think of anything I really want besides more time with Abe, and he can’t really control that factor, so I just said that I wanted an iPad if I earn 275 points (there’s a max earning of 280 points according to our plan). But when I was exercising this morning, the iPad had zero motivating power. So now I am thinking of switching that to a really nice camera so that I can take pictures of Lydia. It would be nice if she could look back and feel loved. Right now my camera is missing in action, so she will probably think we forgot about her during the move to Utah.

Oh, and I want a picture of my aura taken. I think I get that after 100 points, but I’ll have to check the document. Apparently, they can map your aura in colors after taking a special photo! Isn’t that cool?

This will be a struggle, though. I have already eaten two meals and one snack, and it’s only 4:45!! I wonder if I can revise the rules so I can have an extra fruit snack. Since I am still nursing, it feels hard to make such long stretches between meals.

From the Lydia front: she rolled from her back to her stomach for the first time today! It was so cute. Too bad my camera is missing–otherwise I could post a cute picture!

She also has been on a very weird schedule lately. Every other day she barely takes any naps (no matter how much effort is put into getting her to go down), and then the day after a no-nap day, she’ll sleep almost all day. Today is a sleep-all-day day, so I have already worked out, taken her on our stroll to the grocery store, done two loads of laundry, and cooked dinner. I tremble when I think of how unproductive tomorrow (a no-nap day) will be…

I want to put her on a schedule, but I am going to wait until we are settled to do that. Right now we are still at Tom and Suzanne’s, and since we’re moving in a week or two, it doesn’t make sense to put her on a schedule only to get that all jostled in a move. Also, I suspect putting her on a schedule involves a bit of cry it out…and it would be better if that weren’t inflicted on the ears of anyone but me (and occasionally Abe). I really need to read up on this, but I don’t have a library card yet. Have any of you put your babies on a schedule? How do you do it?  I would LOVE your input!!!

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