sad day

It was Lydia’s first day of preschool today. She loved it.

IMG_9274 IMG_9276I spent most of the morning and afternoon in the hospital. In the morning, Mary was perfect and spent the whole time quietly eating and watching Dora the Explorer while I sat with Andrea through her contractions.


In the afternoon, Andrea finally gave birth. I have never been to a birth other than my own. The little baby girl was perfectly formed, except her eyes hadn’t quite finished forming. Everything else was exactly like a healthy, live baby…only the cord was wrapped four times around her neck and actually braided (like you would braid hair) down the side. She was one active little child in utero. I felt such grief when I saw her. But I was so inspired by Andrea’s resilience. She has so much faith, and she really knows her baby is okay and in a better place. I admire her so much.

I should also mention what a help Ina was. When I returned from preschool with the girls in tow, Andrea was in transition. Ina has been by Andrea’s side almost the whole time, and when she saw me with my girls, she immediately gave me her place by Andrea and took the girls until the birth was over.

After the birth, I took the girls grocery shopping and then made dinner. We had the Escalantes over for dinner. They are such a nice family, although they must have been so annoyed by how we followed them to their car and kept talking as they were trying to leave. Sometimes, Abe and I like to pretend we have tons of time to kill. It’s a nice illusion, but in retrospect, I feel bad that they had to pay the price.

And now I am exhausted. Andrea’s in-laws and their six kids are staying the weekend in our place since Andrea’s place is so small. When I wake up tomorrow, I guess I will hunt down our blow up beds. In the meantime, I am exhausted. My thoughts and prayers are with Andrea and her family.

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