picture update

Blogger has gone beserk. Sorry for the poor formatting, the underlining and also the lack of captions. This sorry looking post has taken me hours spread over the course of multiple days…I am seriously considering starting a new blog that’s not a Blogger blog. Anyway, the following pictures are of the following:

1) Clark at the Miners’ birthday bash. With one exception, this was the first time we’d celebrated his birthday since before middle school. He looks pretty happy. (My mom, Clark and I each got our own cake!!! It was rather amazing.)

2) Lydia found her foot!

3) Lydia and I enjoy a cuddle after our morning hike in Arches National Park. One of the perks of Abe’s new job is that one of his accounts is a mine near Moab, so if Lydia and I go with him we can have fun at Arches!

4) Grams with Lydia. Lydia is in her party dress. Whenever we put it on her, she wiggles and grins in delight.

5) Abe, Lydia and I posing for a picture in front of an Arch. We didn’t realize the hike was going to get slightly tricky…as you can see, I am wearing a skirt and flip flops!

6) This past Saturday we celebrated Jere’s birthday by driving to Cascade Springs and taking a little hike. It was so fun and pretty! David was there, but he’s not in the picture because he’s busy taking it. =)

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