Introducing Maher Shalal Hash Baz, our cat.

Abe and I just finished cleaning every single room in the house. We are so excited because we can now wander through the entire house and admire livable space! Before now, there were piles of boxes and junk in various places, and now they are ALL gone. It feels so liberating.

The other things of note today: Clark and Swathi went to the airport, which means we are all alone again. Mom and Balu left yesterday, and so now the house just feels empty.

Abe took the girls to Petsmart this morning to get  a cat house and some cat food. We inherited an outdoor cat with this house, and we’ve decided to feed and shelter him (in a cat house outside–don’t worry, Mom!) so he can survive the winter. I am so excited to have my own protector against rodents! I named him Maher Shalal Hash Baz, or Bozi for short. His name comes from the book of Isaiah and means “destruction is imminent” or “he hastens to the prey.” A perfect name for my guard cat.

Anyway, Abe took some pictures of the girls at Petsmart, and that’s all there is for today.

nov30pic3 nov30 nov30pic1 nov30pic2

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