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Because Isabella was here, I got in my last minute Christmas shopping this morning. The shopping didn’t take that long, but the time bomb came when I combed the entire Super Target looking for To and From tags–to no avail. I guess I will have to make my own. Darn.

I also turned out two batches of Zimmsterne today. The first batch was a flop, but the second came out fine. I’m starting to feel Christmased out. Thank goodness we’re only three days away–I don’t think I could keep up the pace much longer than that. Plus, I can’t wait to get rid of our tree. It’s dead, and the girls play with the garland and ornaments so much that it has turned into a bedraggled eye sore. The minute I wake up on December 26, I am going to get that outta here.

Oh, the other monumental event of the day occurred when I did Isabella’s hair. I’m so out of practice from Lydia’s short hair cut that it took meĀ two hoursĀ to do Isabella’s hair. Her legs fell asleep from sitting for so long! But finally, finally I managed to do a waterfall/fishtail combo, and she looked so pretty.

We also drove to Salt Lake to return Isabella and check out daycare options for the girls during our Cancun trip. We found a really great contender, but seeing day care options made me so, so grateful I get to stay home with my kids. I take that for granted often, and today helped give me some perspective.

Abe had a great “reunion” with his AXB friends tonight. They have a secret Santa exchange every year, and he thought that tonight they were meeting up at a restaurant–another reason we headed up to Salt Lake. It turned out though that everyone did a group video chat. Since we were driving, Abe rigged up his lap top and phone and managed to fully participate while I drove home on the freeway. Connecting with his friends was a huge highlight of his day.


painting Zimmsterne with meringue.

painting Zimmsterne with meringue. (This was the first batch with insufficiently chilled dough.)

Abe, Lydia and Isabella singing "Let it Go" to karaoke.

Abe, Lydia and Isabella singing “Let it Go” to karaoke.

Waterfall-fishtail combo.

Waterfall-fishtail combo.

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