Christmas Eve morning update.

I can’t remember what happened yesterday, except that I was so tired by the end that blogging seemed impossible. Oh, I remember! We did a marathon grocery run, and at the end I was horrified at the grand total and a little tired from trying to find the hard-to-find items on my list. Provo has a severe shortage of pre-made blinis and white wine.

I need a whole bottle of good white wine to cook the lamb in, but trying to find that in Provo was hard! When we finally found a state liquor store, it was closed–at 7pm. Overall, I am thrilled to live in a community of committed fellow teetotalers, but after the long and difficult search for wine yesterday, I have a little sympathy for those who find the situation irritating.

I tried to get two pictures of Mary yesterday, but both moments passed before I could snap them. Early in the day I discovered her clinging to the sink. She had scaled the cabinets in front and was curled up on the edge of the sink. I considered removing her from the situation, but it was so funny that I ran for my camera, and by the time I had it in place, she had already slid back down to the stool below.

The other picture I missed happened in the pet aisle in Harmon’s. Again, Mary scaled the shelves and pretended to take a nap two shelves up on a very comfy looking doggy bed. Before I could get that picture, she again scurried back to ground level.

But this is one picture I got! Lydia and I worked on our sweet tart dough yesterday, and here’s a picture I got of her rolling it out.



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