A Restful Day

Abe here, blogging. I don’t know why I haven’t pitched in more lately, but Lily is asleep on the couch, so I seems this would be a great time for my to finally cary my weight……..even if it’s just a little!

Today was very restful for everyone.  I had a grueling week at work and Lily had trouble sleeping last night, so between the two of us we rested quite a bit.  Although, in between naps we did manage to do some fun things!

During Mary’s nap I took Lydia to the park.  It was so warm I had to take my jacket off and just be in my T-shirt.  It’s so crazy that it’s this warm in February.  I jokingly said to someone at the park today, “don’t you love summer?” I would have enjoyed it even more if I didn’t just watch The 11th Hour and hear Steven Hawking tell me that the worse case scenario for global warming is that we become like Venus where it is 250 degrees and rains sulfuric acid. Even still, I did feel grateful to be enjoying such nice weather, even though it seemed so out of place in February.

At home I rested and then Lily watched the girls while I got Georgia’s car registered.  While waiting I prepared for my lesson tomorrow about Luke 4,5 and 6 and Matthew 10. I think the main take away that I’m hoping to prevent is that Christ can solve our spiritual and temporal problems, but we often forget which of the two problems are most important.  Our spiritual state is almost always more urgently needing attention than any temporal needs we have. This was even the case with the paralyzed man with palsy for whom Christ forgave his sins first and then afterwards caused Him to walk.  Anyway, I intentionally only prepared one main point I want to get across, because the class members are amazing and I know they will fill the rest with their own thoughts, feelings and experiences.

When I got home, we all left for the library and checked out some books.  Back at home, Lily made a delicious beet, grapefruit, and cheese salad. It was incredible, especially because the grapefruit was so sweet.



Lydia was passed out on the couch during dinner and never actually woke up. We transferred her straight to her bed…so here’s to hoping she doesn’t wake up at 3:00 in the morning wanting dinner!

After dinner, Lily spent some good mommy-daughter time with Mary and read her some books.


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