Christina’s funeral

Today was centered around Christina’s funeral. It was a gorgeous day for a graveside service. The weather was bright, sunny, and so warm that we didn’t even need coats. It felt like God was bestowing a final blessing on one of His special daughters.

The talks were beautiful, the music was moving, and there was a very special feeling throughout the whole event. Even though the girls spent much of the service walking through neighboring rows of graves, they were quiet the whole time. I chalk that up to the aforementioned special feeling. We were also so happy to see Isabella surrounded and supported by her lovely friends. It’s reassuring to know she has some means of uplift at this time.

Our old ward provided the post-service luncheon. On the way there, I complained to Abe that standard funeral fare is often just as depressing as a funeral itself, but I was happily surprised to discover the Ensign First Ward outdid itself with a delicious meal. Considering very few of them even knew Christina, I felt very touched by it all. I love that ward.

Obviously, we did not take any pictures at the funeral, although afterward I wondered why not. I would have loved to capture the beauty of it–after all, Christina was an ardent lover of all things beautiful, and the tender memories, the beautiful music, and the gorgeous setting epitomized love and beauty. Maybe I should have brought my camera.

On our way home, we stopped by a nearby park. Before we had a chance to take a picture, Lydia peed in her pants. Darn. So we ran home, gave her a bath and had Ramen for dinner. Since I expended zero energy on the meal, I spent the rest of the evening cleaning the house and folding laundry while Abe entertained the girls.

Speaking of the girls, I took Mary to our Salt Lake pediatrician this morning. He guessed that she might have croup. I was also worried about her weight, but after he weighed her and looked at her charts, he assured me that she’s fine. She has always been in the third percentile for weight, and I guess when you’re that low on the bottom, you don’t need to grow much to maintain your percentile.

However, I should have taken pictures of Mary’s cheeks so I could send them to Swathi. By the end of the day, her cheeks have a rash that looks a lot like Fifths Disease to me. If Mary does have that, it really stinks because I am undoubtedly late on this period and starting to wonder if I’m pregnant. I googled what happens to pregnant women when they are exposed to Fifths Disease and got a good scare.  I guess we’ll just have to see.

I will take pictures tomorrow! It’s Valentine’s day, and Lydia is going to Ada’s birthday party. I am sure that will be very cute. Also, Brother Richardson, my old home teacher, is staying with us! I am so looking forward to seeing him again.

On that happy note, there’s a new episode of Downton Abbey waiting for me to watch it. I finished Allegiant today and am looking forward to easing out of that action-packed series. I absolutely loved getting sucked into that, but now that it’s done, I need a way to lower my blood pressure again.

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