Swathi is in labor! I am so excited to see a picture of my little nephew when I wake up in the morning. Tonight we’re sending prayers to Swathi for a happy and quick labor.

Today was an all-around happy day, even though three of us are still sick. I worked out at the gym while Abe and the girls to Bazi (our cat) to the vet. At 11 am, near the end of the appointment, we realized with shock and horror that we had forgotten to feed Mary breakfast. She was a crying mess and was begging for us to feed her the doggie biscuits nearby. We rushed home and rectified our sad mistake.

Mary was sad and hungry.

Mary was sad and hungry.

Lydia was happy to be with Bazi for such an extended period of time.Lydia was happy to be with Bazi for such an extended period of time.

After breakfast, we opened the presents Brother Richardson left for the girls. He gave them two oh-so-fun games that we spent the next hour playing.

IMG_1067Then I slept for two and a half hours because of this:


Indeed. I am very bad at pregnancy protocol that expects you to 1) wait 16 weeks or something like that to tell people 2) tell loved ones first. I already told everyone at school that I was pregnant because I don’t want to handle the degreasing chemicals during clean-up. So not only am I bad at keeping secrets, but I just don’t understand the pay-off in waiting. I guess if I end up having a miscarriage, it makes for potentially awkward conversations later, but hey, I’ve already been there!  I already know that there’s nothing anyone can say that I’d find offensive or hurtful in that situation. Everyone always tries their best to be nice, and I find that comforting.

Moving on! Abe drove me to school so he could take the girls to dinner with his mom and brothers. He took some pictures while they were at dinner:

20150216_195252 20150216_192344

And then we came home, I took the aforementioned test (oh, yeah–I forgot to say I told my classmates before I took the test. I was pretty sure I was pregnant.).

And now blogging and bed. I hope Mucinex is safe because the last couple nights I have woken up gagging from congestion. I just can’t sleep through the night. Fingers crossed.

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