to-do’s and have-done’s.

Today I felt like a lazy lump all day. For the majority of the day, I couldn’t motivate myself to do anything beyond the very basics of keeping children alive. To me that means: chauffeuring, grocery shopping, meal prep, wiping bottoms, wiping noses, washing faces, and lots and lots of dishes. (With the new open floor plan, I could be on my death bed and still feel the need to stay on top of those. If the sink piles up, I can see it from almost anywhere in the house and feel like I’ve officially arrived at Failure status.) In between all that, I lay on the couch and gave into exhaustion.

Nevertheless, at 8 pm I got my very first wind of the day, and between then and now I have cleaned the house, folded multiple loads of laundry, practiced for a church musical number I have to do in a couple weeks, vacuumed, mopped the floors, and tidied all of the messes that annoy me in the house. I have to record such “have done” lists here because even though Abe can come home and notice it looks nice, he generally has no idea of the specifics that got us from point A to point B. I look forward to his thank-you call after he reads this tomorrow.

I did take a video of the girls at the dinner table today. Lydia was pretending to be a teacher and Mary was dutifully calling her “teacher.” I thought it was funny, but I’ll have to upload the video some other day because it might take a minute for me to figure out how to cut it down to just the good parts.

I did take one picture this morning, though! Lydia woke up in a very chipper mood.


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