An Eventful Day

This is Abe blogging.  Lily just got home from helping her culinary school cater a donor event for the Salt Lake Arts festival.  Here are some pictures of what they served.  Apparently the gumbo was really really good and people kept coming back for it:

IMG_0028 IMG_0027 IMG_0026 IMG_0024 IMG_0023 IMG_0022 IMG_0014 I had a lot of fun with the girls today.  I’m still sick, but my 2 hour nap really gave me the energy I needed to have some fun with them today.  The fun actually started before my nap when Mary was totally melting down for no clear reason.  At the same time, Lydia really wanted to craft.  So while Lily pacified Mary, I went downstairs with Lydia to our crafting room.  Lydia and I decided to make a book that would help Mary feel better.  When we were finished, we showed it to her and she loved it!  She asked us to read it over and over.  It made both me and Lydia super happy that we could cheer up Mary with something we made.  Here is the book below:

A happy happy book for Mary

A happy happy book for Mary


Hi Mary, this is Daddy and Lydia.  We noticed you have been feeling sad.

Hi Mary, this is Daddy and Lydia. We noticed you have been feeling sad.

We want to help you feel happy.  So this book has happy things to help cheer you up.

We want to help you feel happy. So we have happy things in this book to help cheer you up. Here is a toy! It’s a cat piano. Cute nose!

Here is sunshine.  Lydia made the sun rays! Here is a rainbow. So many colors!


Here is a cat. You love cats! Here is a duck. She’s swimming!

We hope these pictures helped you feel happy! We love you! From Daddy and Lydia.



After reading the book to Mary, we all took naps, even Lydia! Then Lily left for her internship and I stayed home with the girls.  We went to the park because it was 60 degrees and sunny, but by the time I got us all out the door and drove to the park, it was freezing and snowing.  We changed plans and went to Qualtrics for some treats.


After that we went to Macy’s and I bought some shirts with the birthday gift card that Georgia gave me.  I managed to actually find some that I like while simultaneously keeping an eye on the girls.  This was partly possible because they were being very cute and entertaining themselves much of the time. See pics below:20150221_183655 20150221_183323

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