reverence, irony included

We bathed our odorous little ones this morning.

Unfortunately, we procrastinated this process until the last minute, and six hours later I realized with horror that we were supposed to be early to church today. (We were ten minutes late.) Lydia was scheduled to be the reverent child in Sacrament meeting. That means we were supposed to get to church ten minutes early so she could stand by the pulpit, fold her arms and set a good example for the incoming congregation.

When Lydia heard me exclaiming this evening to Abe that we completely forgot about her reverent child role, she threw the biggest tantrum. In a moment of high irony, she screamed for thirty minutes straight that she wanted to go back to church right then and be the reverent child. Abe and I threw each other helpless glances until suddenly Abe realized there was a stake fireside with Jon Bytheway in half an hour. He immediately packed Lydia in the car and drove to church. She immediately calmed down.

When they got to church, Abe talked to whoever was in charge of the meeting, and they let Lydia stand by the pulpit for twenty-five minutes and be the reverent child. In stark contrast to her home behavior, she was perfectly still and reverent the entire time. We were really proud of her.

Demonstrating at home how she had been reverent at church. She is holding a string cheese from an admirer.

Demonstrating at home how she had been reverent at church. She is holding a string cheese from an admirer.

In the meantime, Mary and I were at home snuggling, playing games and reading the whole time. It felt precious.


Abe once again headed us up for FHE. Thank goodness. If it were up to me, I am not sure we would ever remember to have it! We filled out Lydia’s Primary spotlight form and made one up for Mary too. Abe taught a great lesson on reverence (timely) and quoted Psalm 89:7 to the girls. We talked about what it meant to fear God.


Then we played a game of Hiss! and, our family favorite, “Reverent-Crazy.” In that game, I call out either “reverent” or “crazy” and Abe and the girls act accordingly. I love it because I get to sit on the couch, and the girls and Abe love it because they think it’s really fun.

Abe also took a picture of the shirts he and the girls picked out yesterday. Mom, he wanted you to see them and know he’s grateful for your birthday gift!


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