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My house is a pigsty right now, so in the interest of time, this post will have no pictures. I’ll just record my temperature for a quick second before I board a plane tomorrow and head to New York to meet the woman of my dreams, Martha Stewart.

Here’s my temperature: I am excited! Grateful! …and a little stressed out. I know I just complained about how I can never get away from my girls, but I don’t know how I’ll handle being away for days. I already miss them.

So a quick update on today, because I feel committed (at least for now) to recording these precious days of life.

Lydia had her preschool in the morning, during which I took Mary to do some visiting teaching. One of the ladies I visit teach has a wonderful garden, and she loaded me up with goodies–including a gorgeous, big pumpkin!

Then I fed the girls as fast as possible and put them down for quiet time/naps so I could lie down and waste time online before a babysitting marathon. One of my friends has a son who needed to have surgery today, so she dropped off her two kids for the afternoon. They were little angels, and I have photos on my camera that I wish I had energy to share here.

Then I ran out the door to do some Bikram Yoga, after which I had an awesome conversation with my Sunday School teacher/ yoga buddy. She introduced me to the concept of meditation, and I am so excited to start the practice. She told me that meditation can help clear negativity from the mind so that all that’s left is compassion and love. I want a mind like that!!

Then my friend, Candice, came over to say good-bye because, sniffle, she is moving to Saint George. I detained her way too long because a) I will miss her a lot and b) so she could act as my fashion consultant regarding what to wear when I meet Martha. (One of the things that makes Candice special is that she always looks like she walked out of an Anthropologie catalogue, and she pulls that off even as the mother of the most energetic–sweet!!–two year old on the planet. People like me need people like her in their lives.)

And now it is time to clean the, um, entire house. Can I please eat another cookie first?

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