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Today was Mary’s birthday! We are going to celebrate a month late, but I can’t believe that one year ago I was just meeting my sweet, adorable little girl. I still remember how beautiful a day it was, and how happy we were after the whole process of introduction. She is a joy and light to our lives.

I feel a bit guilty being away on her big day, but I am comforting myself that she doesn’t know. In the meantime, I had a great day! I got my hair done, walked for hours around New York, and toured the Cloisters.Here are some pictures of my touring. So far I have tried meditating at/on: the airport, the airplane, the subway, clark’s apartment, the hair salon, and The Cloisters. I am so glad I started meditating because meditating at The Cloisters is an incredible experience I shall never forget (especially since I am writing it down!).

the cloisters flowers at the cloisters fort tryon garden lily at the cloisters

Then I met up with Candace at the airport and a car brought us to our hotel, in Greenwich, CT:  The Homestead Inn. We feel fancy.

candace at the homesteadBut we arrived here hungry, and the restaurant is ridiculously expensive (think $16 for a humble bowl of oatmeal), so we ordered a pizza from town. Candace bravely did the walk of shame in front of the maitre’d (who had all but commanded us to eat at the hotel) carrying our extra large pizza up to our room.

I am all in a tizzy because I did not think to bring a basket for the gifts we have for Martha, nor did I write a note. What was I thinking??!!!! But I think we have a short term solution, so maybe all is not lost. I also did not bring a copy of Martha’s latest book to sign. Again, I am kicking myself.

Here are some pics from Abe’s day back at home. Lydia had two play dates today! Aria kindly babysat her in the morning, and then Abe babysat Espen while Aria did yoga. Then Anthony, Malika and Emil came over and had another play date. From the pictures Abe has, it looks like he took the girls to Coldstone at some point. At the end of the day, Abe and the girls headed over to Tom and Suzanne’s so the girls could open some presents. ( Today was, after all, Mary’s actual birthday.) It looks like it was a fun day!

IMG_3661 IMG_3665 IMG_3671

IMG_3673 IMG_3674 IMG_3676 IMG_3678 IMG_3682marys birthday shirts lydia coldstone

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