Qualtrics summer party

While I was visiting teaching this afternoon, Summer took the girls to the park and tried to fly kites with them. We also baked cookies for Abe’s former boss because he has suffered a lot of personal losses recently. I was touched when Lydia ran to color a picture for him with lots of red “because red means happy.”

Other than that, the big event of the day was the Qualtrics summer party. We invited Chelsea and her kids to come, and we all had so much fun. Basically, Qualtrics set up a fair complete with pony rides, train rides, a petting zoo, tons of giant inflatables, face painting, animal balloons, Goodwood barbecue, snow cones, cotton candy, and an amazing fireworks show at the end.

IMG_2336 IMG_2350 IMG_2352 IMG_2356 IMG_2358 IMG_2361 IMG_2362 IMG_2367 IMG_2370 IMG_2378

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