Fatigue sets in

Lily got to bed at 9:10 today. Yay, we are making progress. She barely slept last night because Ammon is confused about when it is day time and when it is night time, but I’m hopeful that Lily can sleep a little more tonight. I’m also a bit fatigued, so I’ll keep this on the short side.

Work was completely normal today.  Lily was quite tired today, but she had some real highlights with the kids. For example, Lydia and Mary both gave Lily repeated puppet shows (click here for one of Lydia’s and click here for one of Mary’s).

We had Cafe Rio for dinner and then we were all going to do errands together, but Mary fell asleep on with her head on the dinner table so I transitioned her to bed. That meant Lily stayed home and cleaned (until her post-labor contractions became too painful for her to move), and I ran errands with Lydia and Ammon. Around 11pm Mary actually woke up and had a night snack with me at which point, I captured this video.

Here are pics from today:

IMG_1665 IMG_1669 IMG_1672 IMG_1663(1) IMG_1673


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