Good to be home

It’s almost midnight and Ammon is awake with me. He has been very alert and he’s been a lot of fun to pal around with. Well, o-k, I can’t really say we are palling around when all he does is grunt, poop, eat, spit-up and stare aimlessly while his head rolls from one side to the other……but hey I still feel like in his own baby way, he is liking being with his dad. Lily and I are continuing this routine where she goes to bed early to charge up before the night-work and I go to bed late and let her take over with Ammon.

Work was pretty normal for me today. I didn’t make much headway on any of my own deals, but I gave some good support to some of the people in my pod and I’m happy for that. I’m definitely noticing the effects of getting less sleep. I call it baby brain. It has happened to me multiple times today where I make long pauses in the middle of sentences because I’ve completely lost my train of thought and I’m searching blankly for what to say next.

Lily had a good day today. She took Lydia for pre-school and felt proud to be loading and handling three kids at a time. It does seem like quite a bit to manage especially considering she is still recovering from birth, but she charging forward. She also did a lot of cleaning and laundry and well all the things she usually does, but that she shouldn’t be expected to do while she is still recovering.  I’m so grateful for her.

We all had such a good evening together. It was very low-key. Lily and I just spent time together chatting and catching up. We ran errands together.  That’s it. It was very simple, but we so enjoyed being together.

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