I couldn’t blog last night because I was racing to get to bed by 8:30 pm, and thank goodness I did! Ammon was awake every two hours almost on the dot. In contrast, he has spent almost the entire day like this:

IMG_1713Isn’t timing a funny thing? I would have paid good money for him to do this last night, but an hour ago this felt like a crisis. I was supposed to pick up Lydia from preschool and I discovered both Ammon and Mary fast asleep downstairs.

IMG_1711Somehow I got them into the car and to preschool. Phew.

This morning Little Gym got cancelled, so we did a play date with Chelsea et al.


Isn’t that cute of Carter and Ammon?

Also, Lydia wanted to hold Ammon all morning. He fell asleep on her.


Yesterday I managed to get everyone to ballet, only I forgot their costumes for Halloween week AND I forgot their shoes. I felt so guilty that I promised to take the girls out for dinner and a treat afterward. Turns out I didn’t need to feel guilty because the ballet had a costume closet. Oh, well. We went to Cafe Rio and Menchie’s afterward.

IMG_1689 IMG_1698This is also a really cute video of Lydia reading the dinosaur book the Harbucks gave us.

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