Gearing up for Hawaii

Today I promised the girls we would wrap Christmas presents. We are gearing up for our trip to Hawaii on Saturday and are trying to get everything done before we go. Last week Abe found out Qualtrics is sending our whole family to Hawaii with the BYU basketball team. We were on the fence about going for a little bit because my family has already bought tickets to fly out to Utah, but Qualtrics was very accommodating and let us fly home early so we could see my family AND go to Hawaii. We feel fortunate, albeit slightly unprepared.

Abe came home from work to find us busy at work. He promised not to peek when it was time for us to wrap his present, and Lydia “tricked” him into thinking we got him a frog farm with cats, dogs, and jam. He was amazed it could all fit into one small package.

IMG_1870 IMG_1871 IMG_4061Then we took the girls to the mall to meet Santa while I exchanged some stuff. They were very shy and didn’t say a word to him. Afterward Lydia asked Abe if they would still get presents even though they didn’t tell Santa their wish list. Santa did give them suckers which they all ate on a mall bench while I did my errands.



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