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I took some pictures of Ammon smiling this morning.

IMG_1897 IMG_1896And then I wistfully took this shot of him sleeping. I worked for hours to get him to this point, and then it was time to pack him up to drop Lydia off at preschool. The irony was too much to handle. I withdrew Lydia from preschool today in the hopes that this will never happen again. (Also, I want more time with her at home since she will be starting kindergarten in just a short while!)


After preschool I played chase with Mary in the snow. That was a lot of fun. I took this video before our chase game. I also took this picture:


Also, the bedding for the girls’ room came today! Abe took this video and this picture while I was out getting pillow inserts for the rest of the shams. I only have one more thing coming before their bedroom is done. I’ll take a picture of the finished beds tomorrow, but in the meantime, here’s what they looked like before I got all of the pillows on:


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