A Holly Jolly Christmas

Lily turned to me (Abe) this evening and said, “I think this is the best Christmas I have ever had.”  It made me so happy to hear that. She put so much work into making it a nice Christmas for everyone after getting basically zero sleep on our red-eye flight from Hawaii. Here is the rundown!

This morning, our children actually slept in. It was great! After they woke up though, they knew the drill.  Here are three videos of them opening presents: Opening Stockings, Lydia gets gum “again”, More opening of presents.

For breakfast we ate Harry and David pears from Georgia, Panatoni bread and other treats.  Lydia and Mary had only unwrapped half of their presents, but they lost interest after they finished opening the presents that were just for them and were not toys “to share.” By 3PM they rallied to open the “sharing” toys which included an easel and magnetic blocks. See easel below:



For lunch, Georgia made some of her famous eggs and we had delicious pasta that Clark made the day before. We were joined by my buddy Nick who I met in Chicago and now lives in Utah (see below).


After lunch Nick and I delivered gifts to my neighbors while everyone else in the house slaved away preparing for dinner. Major hats off to Georgia, Clark, Lily and Swathi who all came together to make sure the house was clean and the dinner was ready in time for guests.

For dinner we had my mom (Karin), Jay, Jere, David, Olivia Nick, Georgia, Swathi, Clark, Lydia, Mary, Ammon and Soren. We had a really great time and the Salmon Clark cooked was fantastic. We passed the time chatting and then we exchanged more gifts and opened the stocking treats my mom always gives out every year.  It was a truly wonderful Christmas.

Here are some additional scenes from Christmas:

IMG_4263 IMG_4264 IMG_4274 IMG_4278IMG_4290 IMG_4286 IMG_4293 IMG_4297 IMG_4303 IMG_4296   IMG_4310 IMG_4318 IMG_4319 IMG_4307



Also, here are some photos from Christmas Eve:

IMG_4259 IMG_4256 IMG_4248IMG_1956 IMG_1950(1) IMG_1948



Lastly, here are some more photos from the Hawaii trip that we haven’t posted yet:IMG_4227 IMG_4206 IMG_4196 IMG_4194 IMG_4192 IMG_4190IMG_1911 IMG_1914


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