Ammon cuddles

I took the most unflattering selfies of myself this morning, but I wanted to capture my cuddles with Ammon. Cuddling him is my favorite thing in the world. He holds on and hugs me whenever we walk around the house, and I just want to hang onto this time forever.

IMG_2066 (1) IMG_2067 (1) IMG_2068 (1)

Other than the happy cuddles, I spent most of the day feeling like someone had inserted a syringe of stress into my blood. I took the kids on two outings. I think one outing a day is my max for now. By the end of outing #2, I was no longer the nice mom in the pictures above. Sigh. There’s always tomorrow.

Right now Abe and I are going to indulge in another episode of Poldark. We are addicted.

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