Happy birthday, Abe!

Today was Abe’s birthday! He celebrated by joining me in illness and being sick all day. 🙁 I feel so sorry for him, but he insists his birthday was still good. I filled his inbox with I-love-you emails all day, and Mary even had an hour long tantrum because she missed her “bud” (Abe) in the morning. I think he felt loved. Lydia and I also made a bunch of birthday pictures and notes and hid them all sorts of places so he could discover them throughout the day. He ended up discovering them all at the beginning of the day.

The girls and I spent a couple hours in Eagle Mountain at my friend Crystal’s house. She and a bunch of mission friends got together again for a play date. I am going to start doing more stuff with my mission friends. They feel like family.

Then when Abe got home we went out to dinner with his mom and Jay. Jay’s birthday was yesterday. We went to a Thai restaurant in Lehi.

The girls were so excited to see Grandma Karin. So was Ammon!


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